Partners in Care

As innovators, we are proud to join forces with world-class partners who can help us develop and commercialize therapies to advance treatments for patients living with life-threatening diseases.

CRD Pharma collaborates with scientists with expertise in our areas of interest to test and characterize our therapeutic antibody candidates. We also engage with leading clinical experts in our therapeutic areas for feedback and guidance on our programs.

We may pursue many paths in the development of new medicines; including developing therapies independently, under a license agreement, or in collaboration with other companies.

CRD Pharma also seeks strategic alliances that leverage our insights in circadian rhythm pathology and cancer to generate innovative potential antibody therapeutics. Our worldwide collaboration with Cures Healthcare SA, Lugano in Switzerland and Sana pharmaceutical research company in Jordan to develop and commercialize 29Z6 for the treatment of hypertension is an example of this strategy.