Our team of prestigious clinical and research professionals is leading new approaches to treating cardiovascular diseases and cancer. We are advancing the field with a pipeline of products that demonstrate vast potential.

By studying promising molecules and, in some cases, working with partners, we are committed to developing and delivering therapies that work harmoniously and synchronize with the circadian rhythm of the human body and advance the treatment landscape for people living with life-threatening diseases.

In almost three years, CRD Pharma successfully developed a unique antibody 29Z6 that kill cancer cells by selectively target HER3. The intellectual property (PCT/CA2019/050869) was filed to protect the invention. The currently available treatments are failing due to the HER3 receptor since it is playing an important role in tumor growth and escaping targeted therapy. 29Z6 an innovative monoclonal antibody designed to bind to HER3 receptor in cancer cells and block the signaling communication and therefore stop the growth of the tumor.  With the combination of available treatments, 29Z6 may increase the successful treatment of pancreatic cancer patients by reversing tumor growth and regression to cancer. We plan also to test 29Z6 in patients with EGFR and HER2 resistant therapies.

29Z6 has strong Intellectual IP protection in place. The International Patent Office has granted all of the 29Z6 claims. The antibody has first-and best-in-class potential with opportunity for single-agent and combination therapy. In a separate drug development program, CRD Pharma submitted another IP file for circadian rhythm in blood pressure drugs (PCT/CA2019/051146).  This is the first of its kind in the world.