Likaa AbuAbbadi

B.Sc., M.Sc., Director

Likaa AbuAbbadi has brought strategic and operational execution excellence to each position she has held along her career. Throughout her 14 years in business development she has worked along, built and led teams that have consistently exceeded corporate goals.

Likaa began her career as a quality assurance officer at ICDL Accredited Test Centre after completing her Bachelor of Science in computers at Philadelphia University. She later joined BioParanta Inc. as Director of Corporate Market Development and Director of Sales and Marketing.  Likaa also holds a Master degree in Engineering Management from University of Ottawa.

Samer Najjar

B.Pharm, M.Sc., Director

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical technology, with focused research on transdermal drug delivery system and drug release from sustained release matrices.

19 years of experience in pharmaceutical research. 7 Years of them as R&D manager at Joswe medical and responsible for development their pipeline.

Extensive knowledge and experience of analytical methods development, validation, Pre formulation, stability testing, and scaling up of products.

Extensive knowledge and experience of regulatory filing including CTD dossiers preparation and response to regulatory inquiries.

Good knowledge of IPR issues related to formulation and registration processes.

Extensive knowledge of pharmacokinetics related to drug development and conduction of bioequivalence studies, with solid experience in monitoring and auditing of bioequivalence studies and CRO’s.

Good knowledge and experience in cGMP and site inspection.

Member of JFDA committees for quality control and site inspection/approval.