CRD Pharma is working to save hundreds of thousands of lives of patients who suffer from cancer and heart diseases. Pioneer scientists, businessman, and management team who have impressive credentials in drug development and pharmaceutical business established and carrying on the company from November 2016 in Ottawa, ON, Canada, and will make one of the rising stars of the pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

 In almost three years, CRD Pharma successfully developed a unique antibody 29Z6 that kill cancer cells by selectively target HER3. The intellectual property (PCT/CA2019/050869) was filed to protect the invention. The currently available treatments are failing due to the HER3 receptor since it is playing an important role in tumor growth and escaping targeted therapy. 

Our proprietary, next-generation drug technology, 29Z6, is an innovative monoclonal antibody designed to bind to HER3 receptor in cancer cells and block the signaling communication and therefore stop the growth of the tumor.  With the combination of available treatments, 29Z6 will increase the successful treatment of pancreatic cancer patients by reversing tumor growth and regression to cancer.

29Z6 has a novel HER3-dependent mechanism of action. It demonstrated strong in vitro and in vivo activity and effective against many common cancers with HER3 overexpression such as pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancer, and breast cancer. The drug showed no toxicity in preclinical development. 29Z6 has strong Intellectual IP protection in place. The antibody has first-and best-in-class potential with opportunity for single-agent and combination therapy.


CRD Pharma leadership possesses biotech and large pharma drug development experience and deep scientific expertise in cancer immunotherapy.

Indeed, CRD Pharma has brought together a group of distinguished scientific founders and advisers, a highly experienced and diverse leadership team, a seasoned and successful board of directors to tackle fundamental challenges in cancer and circadian rhythm dysfunction.